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What is the RELOCATION?


The globalisation, the removal of the borders and the international development of many companies encourage the professional mobility. From now on, it is part and parcel of the way many businesses are organised.

However, this professional mobility represents a financial investment for the company: costs relating to the moving itself as well as the period of time necessary for the employee to be operational. Moreover, administrative and other formalities have to be carried on.

Even this professional mobility is a challenge for the employee, it can engender a number of preoccupations for him and his family.

To address this concern, we seek to provide a relocation servic . This involves providing personal assistance aimed at freeing our customers from as many domestic considerations as possible, ensuring they find accommodation and settle in, as well as helping them and their family to feel at home in Paris.
Our services are respectful the commitments regarding the deadline, the professionalism and the budget beforehand determined.

A tailor-made approach

We offer to individuals and companies which contemplate to transfer their employees to Paris a range of services making easier the settle in as well as the integration.

Our goal consists in freeing the customer/beneficiary of many domestic considerations making him operational as soon as possible.

To succeed, we determine with the customer/beneficiary, during an interview, eventually before his arrival in Paris, his needs and his requirements taking into account his family priorities.

We offer our assistance in the following areas:

- finding accommodation (establishing the geographical area, visiting accommodation, assisting with negotiations, all administrative formalities, etc.),
- the move itself (taking possession of the property, assistance with moving in, etc.)
- settling in (finding schools for the children and help with spouse integration).

Our services also concern executive and individuals whose professional/ family/ geographical obligations do not allow them enough time to organize their move to Paris.

We also offer services aimed at helping private individuals or employees who are leaving Paris (organising removals, inventory of fixtures, cancellation of utility and other contracts, etc.). 

                                          A successful integration is the key to a successful expatriation experience.


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